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Eclectic, Colorful & Contemporary Meets Your Grandmother’s Attic

Shauna Glenn Design

Fort Worth, Texas


Photos: Danette Adelson, Jen Burner & Shauna Glenn


Live It Like You Want To

One of my greatest life lessons is to not take myself so seriously. Life is short. Eat cake. Cuss when you feel like it. Spend a whole Saturday in your pjs while watching cheesy movies. Who cares.

Entrepreneur Advice: It’s Going To Be Hard For A While

Before I started my own business, I wish someone would have told me how hard it is. Also, no one cares about your business the way you do—no one. It’s a lot of hours and a lot of restless nights and a lot of worrying. But after a while it begins to pay off in big ways. But just know you’re going to work your ass off. For a long time.

Best advice

Don’t be afraid of color. It’s not going to hurt you, bite you or kill you. If your favorite color is pink, by all means use it in your home and in your life. We see the world in color for a reason. Run with it.

Dad’s Advice

A person is in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The older I get, the more I realize how true that is.

Shop Your Home

Most people have hidden treasures in their cupboards and closets, whether it’s something they picked up while traveling or something grandma passed down. I found the most amazing suzani tucked in a cabinet at a client’s house. We had it sewn onto a board, and it’s currently hanging in her dining room. It’s incredible.

Color Love

I’m known for my overuse of color and patterns, but if you stripped everything away, you would see I start with a neutral base. White walls, neutral sofas, clean lines. I add color and pattern in accessories, rugs, lighting, wallpaper and art.

Design Hashtags I Love

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