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Cozy Transitional Modernism: Clean Lines, Neutral Palettes and Comfort

Jennifer Braidwood

Owner of Braid & Wood Design Studio

San Diego, California


Photos: Shot and styled by Braid & Wood Design Studio


Decorating With Botanicals

I obviously love designing with plants, plant decor and accessories. I think a touch of greenery in every space in your home goes a long way. Vertical and suspended decor adds so much interest to a space. Not everything needs to lay flat against your walls.

A Healthy Workflow

Find out what your strengths are and do those things. There are so many great online assessments out there that help you discover what you are naturally and innately good at (StrengthsFinder is my fav). If you are doing what you are good at and tuned in to your natural abilities, as opposed to struggling with tasks that don’t come easily to you, you’ll find yourself in the most zen-like state of productivity.

Great Life Advice

If you focus on the end goal, the very last step in the process, you will most likely never get there. The most important thing you can do for yourself to achieve your biggest goals and dreams is to break them down into small, manageable steps. Create micro-goals that you can accomplish each day or each week. The idea of starting your own business can seem impossible, but applying for a business license is something you can accomplish in a weekend. It’s all about keeping the momentum going and accomplishing one micro-goal after another.

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