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Glamazon: The Eclectic, Color-Filled Home

Jessica Brigham

New Haven, Connecticut



» Instrumental Piece of Advice

Keep at the dream; others will give up, and you’ll still be standing.

» Meet Jessica

Jessica is a professional photographer, interior designer, lifestyle blogger and native New Yorker—and now New Englander. She doesn’t shy away from mixing striking styles, cheerful colors and playful patterns in her home, which she and her husband have most affectionately dubbed “the Glamazon.”

» Life Mantras

+ Done is better than perfect.

+ Progress, not perfection.

+ “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

+ Don’t stop believin’.

» Great Life Lessons

Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts. You’ll discover what ignites your creative fire.

» Design Tip I Swear By

The rule of three—it always works. Whether you’re pairing tchotchkes together or hanging artwork on a wall (and in photography, too!), the rule of three never seems to fail aesthetically.

» Just Go for It

Two and a half years ago, I firmly went for it—I invested in the Blue Wonder (my brightly colored, mid-century style sectional) and never looked back. This one commitment changed the course of my home’s look and feel forever and gave me the confidence to continue following my intuition when it came to making bold, cheerful and fun design choices. I’ve always loved color, and now my home is unabashedly filled with it.

» Shop with a Purpose

Go in with a goal! Aimless shopping can be dangerous (I should know). I’ve found that I’ve manifested so many finds just by seeking them out with intention. I’ll roll up to a thrift shop and it’ll just be there waiting on a rack for me. Thanks, universe; you are seriously the coolest.

» Open Shelving in the Kitchen

It is a great way to display your plants and “tchotch,” and, most especially, your everydayuse pieces. I’ve often been asked if my shelving gets dusty (and, of course, it does), but the pieces on it don’t! The coffee mugs, plates and glassware are used daily, the cookbooks get opened often and I water my plants every Saturday, which doubles splendidly to wipe off the little bitta dust that starts to settle.

» Love to Entertain?

Equip guest rooms with special amenities, such as minibar for nightcaps, Wi-Fi password info, fresh towels, reading material, luggage rack, etc. It’ll undoubtedly give your guest the warm and fuzzies.

» Proudest DIY

The board and batten in my dining room! It took me about two months to research, plan out the design, install, caulk, prime and paint. The toughest part of the design was the stile spacing (the vertical wood boards). It’s an old house and no two walls are alike. I settled with a slightly varied spacing on each wall, which tied in the look throughout the room. It worked great!

» Removable Wallpaper Is a Designer’s Dream

Beyond the removable aspect, if your tastes change you’ve got the option to tackle the space from scratch with little stress. Just peel and D-U-N, done! I often opt for bold yet “solid” patterns that pack a punch without overpowering the room they’re featured in.

» Biggest Challenge with Craftsman Bungalow

Living in a 1934 Craftsman bungalow, the biggest challenge of them all is the high number of cased openings, windows and doorways. When shopping for furnishings, it’s been most important to keep layout, proportion and flow in mind. I bust out that measuring tape quite a bit, sweet fronds.

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