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The Creative Sanctuary: Embracing Natural Elements and Original Design

Jodi Bond



The Restorative Power of Plants

I’ve recently learned that having living plants near your bed as you sleep helps to lower heart rate and promotes a better night’s sleep. I decided to research this fact after adding a few large plants to my bedroom near my bed, and I swore their presence was calming. Sure enough!

Best Home Design Hashtags

A few friends and I started up the hashtag #makehomematter to give people the opportunity to share the ways their homes matter to them. At nearly 100,000 shares now, it’s a great hashtag to find new home decor inspiration. I also love following #doingneutralright, #smallspacesquad and #bohohome.

Creating Space for Creativity

Slowness and peace are two things that strengthen my creativity immensely. I tend to fall under the category of that stereotypical messy and chaotic creative. But messes and an unorganized schedule can also shut me down. I am learning to prioritize, which usually doesn’t feel important in the moment, things like cleaning and being on top of my calendar during the week. Prioritizing a bit of my time for those chores each day frees my brain up to invest in dreaming up new ideas or accomplishing what I have to do for that day.

Proudest DIY Moment

My proudest DIY moment to date is a small entryway bench that I built using scraps of wood found in my garage. That humble bench accomplishes two things for me for which I’m very grateful. It launched the beginning of my home decor Instagram account and blog, and it was the beginning of a successful furniture building company that my husband and I began together that very year. You just never know what potential is possible when you combine ingenuity with hard work.

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