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The Organic Boho Jungle

Lindsay Wallstrum

Interior Plant Designer

Petaluma, California


Current Design Inspo

Statement tile. I’ve always been drawn to beautiful, hand-painted tile, but during our recent trips to Spain and Portugal, I was so inspired to incorporate it into our home. Definitely one of our next projects!

Adding Life to Your Home

One of my favorite ways to refresh a space is with plants. Have an empty corner or need to fill wall space? A hanging plant adds so much life to an empty nook.

Sustainable Styling

Love plants but don’t want to buy more? Propagate! Not only will you have more plants, but cuttings in a beautiful jar make great styling elements as well.

DIY Plant Project

Our plant wall “headboard.” I was having a hard time deciding on a headboard and decided to go with what I know best… plants! Life Lesson “Don’t procrastinate” seems to be a recurring lesson!

Life-Changing Advice

To get outside of my comfort zone. It can be scary, and it might lead to the unknown, but it’s really when growth happens.

Creating a Healthy Workflow

Take time for yourself. It’s so important to make sure that you are operating as your best self in order to create your best work. Take time to work out, spend time with your family, take the pups for a walk, whatever it may be that nurtures you.

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