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Colorful, Eclectic MAXIMALISM! Patterns, DIY + Renovations

Lissi Walker

Leicestershire, England


INSTAGRAM: @oxfordone


Bold Color + Patterns

I love bold colors and patterns and take influence from the Memphis design movement. I especially love monochromatic stripes as a backdrop to bright colors, shapes and patterns. I also love mixing old and new to create a personal touch.

Paint Colors

Don’t be afraid of going with unexpected color combinations if you love them, and if you are struggling to find a paint to complement your wallpaper choice, get a color made to match the base color of your paper.

Make it Personal

Having spaces that feel like mine is so important to me. I know lots of people couldn’t live with some of the spaces we have created, but every room makes me smile and keeps my creative vibes flowing.

Design Hack

Masking tape is an interiors essential! Use it for masking off while painting, taping up painted samples and wallpapers, marking out gallery walls and furniture layouts on the floor. For hanging pictures with two hooks, simply tape across the back of the picture and mark the hooks with a pencil, transfer the tape to the wall using a spirit level and your nails are good to go in the pencil marks!

Hashtags I Love

Life Lesson

Life is a precious gift, don’t waste a second of it.

Sleep + Wellness

Tip I swear by spraying my pillow with a little diluted lavender oil before bed for a good night’s sleep.

Proudest DIY Moment

My proudest DIY has to be the Palm Springs-inspired bathroom where I did everything myself including mixing the grout because I couldn’t find anywhere that supplied green grout! With the help of YouTube, I have taught myself to wallpaper, tile, upholster and even turned my hand to woodwork, creating paneling in our family bathroom. I love that almost anything is achievable with a bit of patience and a few tools. My advice would be simply to have a go; often the things that seem the most complex turn out to be totally doable.

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