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Eclectic Glamour, Color, Patterns, Layers and Texture

Designer Wendy Morrison

Rug & Product Home Designer


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Nurturing Creativity

I am very much nurtured by nature, and this is what surrounds me most in our home—animals, birds and plants are a very common theme running throughout our home. Shopping Secret Walk round in both directions, and if there is a viewpoint, take a moment to scan the area. You will be surprised at what hidden gem you might see.

Green Living Tip

I always have a plant sitting next to a plug point. You will find the plant will thrive and so will you.

Motto I Love

Keep true to yourself. Only do or say what feels right to you.

Creating a Restful Bedroom

When styling a bedroom, you ideally want to create a space for rest that is comfortable to all the senses, somewhere you feel safe. This could be created by having it well organized with good storage: there is nothing less relaxing than a messy pile of clothes. Pretty bedding and nice cushions are fairly accessible products that help give the bedroom a quick new look and can also be used to create a feeling of luxury. Textiles that make you smile go a long way too. Most likely something I take for granted is a very nice rug to frame your bed and to provide something lovely to step onto, making it a joy to rise from bed each morning. Have only necessary and beautiful things in your bedroom to create a lovely, nurturing and restful environment.

DIY Headboard Love

I love reupholstered headboard and bed end in one of my favorite fabrics. I have loved this fabric and wallpaper for years. It was love at first sight, but always out of our reach in terms of price until I realized it was wide enough to stretch across the width of our headboard. I could not wait to get my staple and glue gun out, and I absolutely love the end result—most definitely my favorite DIY project.

What I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Be true to yourself, not commercial interests. But, saying this, it takes life’s lessons to get you to these moments of revelation.

A Healthy Productive Workflow

I like to get up early—5 a.m. ideally when all is quiet—and go for a run, which creates the head space to have some really valuable thinking time.

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