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Give in to a Little Whimsy: Creating Paper Products with Nostalgic & Vintage Materials

Hailey Coelho

Paper Crafter, Vintage Collector and Etsy Seller


Instagram: @paperprettyink


Repurposing Vintage Materials

I collect vintage items and paper—basically, anything related to vintage stationery and what would have been found in offices, libraries or been used for letter writing many decades ago. I love what I do because I see it as giving a second chance of life to items with history and that could tell many stories—pieces that also serve as a reminder to us of a simpler time and slower-paced lives.

Creative Tools I Love

I love working with handmade, recycled papers, rubber stamps, washi tape and wax seals. I find that with these materials I can create layers and depth in my work, which is often what speaks to me most in art of any kind, so anything that enables me to create visual interest and detail is exciting for me to work with.

Slow Living to Me

Slow living is a more reflective, meditative and grateful attitude with which to approach aspects of my daily life. It is about mastering the ability to enjoy the simplicity of activities and small moments, without rushing to complete the next chore or worrying that others are aware that you have done so. It can help us to develop a very personal sense of fulfillment, and I recommend everyone to attempt to practice it. It has helped me very much.

Self-Care is Not Selfish

I am coming to the realization and acceptance that self-care is not selfish, that it nurtures authenticity and self-love, and that it is essential for the betterment and maintenance of my most cherished relationships. Self-care can mean very different and particular things to each of us, so taking the time to listen to your body and mind on what most brings you tranquility, peace and joy is important, and once that is found, strive to never deprive yourself of it.

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