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Rainbows in Your Blood: Eclectically Colorful, Unique, Stylish

Lizzy Higham

Interior Stylist + Pattern Clasher

Queensland, Australia


home design, decor, home decor, colorful design, design magazine

Instrumental Advice I’ve Received

Communication is the key to all relationships, and to not go to bed cranky.

Shopping Tip

If you can’t stop thinking about it, BUY IT!

Stop With the Rules Already!

If ever in doubt, just remember it doesn’t matter whether it may be new or old. If you love something, it will always work! Stop putting rules on how to decorate your home—make it your home, and live in it however you please. Don’t believe in the saying “blue and green should never be seen unless there is something in between.” Blue and green look fabulous together!

How Does It Make you Feel?

My work is my home, so it’s important to me to make my home a beautiful space to live and work in. If it looks good, I feel good! Owning my own home has enabled me to add color on my walls, as well as beautiful artwork, quirky random decor items and plant life! Anything colorful inspires me—I am obsessed with color! It brings so much joy into my home, and that is all I need to create my happy place.

DIY Tips

Always do your prep work, and don’t take shortcuts and don’t rush it. When painting in-between coats, wrap your brushes and rollers in plastic wrap, so you don’t have to wash them between coats.

Where I Source My Pieces

Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, on the side of the road, local shops and online.

Styling a Bedroom

Choose items that fit the space. Indulge in beautiful bed linen and textural throws and cushions. Cover the windows. A beautifully dressed window will help to frame the window, add color and add softness to a bedroom. Just have fun with it! If you love it, it will work.

Design Ideas I Love

I love open-plan living and high-pitched ceilings. Also any design that allows natural light to flood in, that’s what I love most!

Easy Ways To Refresh a Space

Simply rearrange your existing furniture and decor. You can give a space a complete new look by just reshuffling, and if you’re game, add some color to your walls.

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