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Designing a Peaceful Life

Hoda Jaludi



Describe Your Style

Boho/Modern Arabesque.

Designing a Sacred Space

In order to live a peaceful life, take time every day, even if it is five minutes, to count your blessings and thank the Universe for them. Once you feel at peace within yourself, create a space that reflects that. I think the secret of having a happy home is a happy mind.

Creating a Space That Feeds You

It is important for me to create a space that inspires me to work. Nature and my travels are my main inspirations. I like to add in natural elements, like plants, flowers, crystals and pictures of my travels all around my space. It keeps me grounded and ready to create something beautiful.

Top Tips For a Healthy Workflow

Your health should be your non-negotiable. Every day you need to check in with yourself and see if you are feeling okay in what I like to call your “personal interiors” (mind, body and soul). If you feel like they all align, then you know you can crush all your goals and have a productive workflow. Another important tip is to surround yourself with a team and people who get you and your vision. Having a support team is important.

Best Advice

Stop asking for advice from people you don’t want to be.

Any hashtags you use to find awesome design on Instagram?

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