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Mid-Century Modern Meets Eclectic Boho

Jess Hartman

Owner, Hartman Haus

Phoenix, Arizona



Life Motto

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Creating a Sanctuary

Creating an anxiety-free space is super important to me as I personally suffer my anxiety, depression and occasional panic attacks. Your home should be your safe haven and a beautiful place of rest and restoration. For me, it’s all about functional design—if you can physically use all of

the pieces in your space, then you are eliminating clutter, keeping it minimal and honestly you feel good knowing that everything in your home has a purpose. This is so crucial for me when I’m designing for clients as well—I want them to be able to utilize everything we bring into their home. It’s not a museum after all; things can look pretty but also be functional.

Rut Buster: Shop Your Home

Literally walk around your house and see what can be pulled out of storage or moved from one space to another. Sometimes a quick shift of an area rug or piece of art can be just what the doctor ordered.

Fun Design Ideas: Function Meets Nostalgia

I love incorporating real-life items into my design. We hung my husband’s surfboard in our dining room, we’ve mounted a vintage ladder in our living room and hung a model airplane in our daughter’s room that my husband’s late Uncle Bob built. Function meets nostalgia.

Wallpaper Stickers

Peel and stick is the way to go whether you rent or own! And if you ever want to test your marriage, put up some wallpaper together!

Tips for Styling Your Bedroom

You can never go wrong with all white bedding! It goes with everything, it feels very hotel-esque and if it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the wash with some bleach.

Tips for Staying Organized

When in doubt, throw it out! You don’t need to hold on to every sentimental item! I’m telling you, you don’t. At the end of the day, we can’t take any of this with us, so keep one piece that means a lot to you and purge all the stuff that’s just been sitting in that room or closet; you’ll feel better, I promise!

DIY Everything

My husband and I live for a good DIY! We’ve hacked a bench, built shelves, restored plenty of furniture and have gotten pretty darn good at board and batten feature walls, but our proudest DIY moment has to be creating our daughter’s “glamping bedroom.” It started with some gorgeous peel and stick wallpaper from @anewalldecor that pretty much catapulted my vision for the room. I asked my husband if he could create a frame to make it look like Berlyn was glamorously camping out in the desert. My mother-in-law did all the sewing and placement of the canvas and fabric, then we added some wood logs, a beautiful jute rug and voila, my DIY dreams became

a reality.

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