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Barefoot Travel Magick. Opponitz, Austria

Alina Schweiger

Opponitz, Austria



Self-Love and Preservation Planning a fixed “me-time” a day has helped me a lot. During this time, I concentrate only on myself. Whether it’s taking a bath or reading a good book, I do things only for myself. Sometimes it’s 30 minutes, sometimes it's longer, but I persist in having this little break in my daily schedule.

Great Life Advice

Don’t compare yourself to others and stress because you’re not as far in life as they are. Everyone’s life plan is different and unique, so we can’t compare ourselves with anyone else’s life.

What I Want To Say To Women: You. Are. Enough. In times when social media is full of pictures showing people living an apparently perfect life, it’s really hard not to struggle with ourselves. We only see what those people want others to see and it’s just a tiny, tiny piece of reality. However, it makes us feel less worthy and frustrated sometimes. I’m speaking from experience. What we see is just the facade, and we never know what’s really going on behind the scenes in those people’s lives. So please stop comparing yourself with other people. You are enough and perfect exactly as you are. No questioning and doubting. You’re a badass woman!

Advice for Creatives or Entrepreneurs

+ Don’t stress, be patient and most important: Don’t compare your work to others.

+ Always listen to your gut; it’ll tell you if the things you’re doing are right.

+ If you’re truly passionate about your business, keep going even if it’s a long way.

+ Every single success is going to fulfill you with so much joy and make you forget all the not-so-beautiful moments during your journey!

Instagram Apps I Love

For Instagram stories, I prefer Unfold, StoryArt, Storyluxe and Instories.

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