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The Candy Colored Home + Mod Desert Sunset Boho Feels

Katie Zamprioli

Instagram: @candycoloredhome


Passionate Creatives + Balance

The biggest challenge in my life is definitely balance. I can become a workaholic when I’m passionate about something, and my sleep will be what suffers. I honestly wish I didn’t have to sleep at all! It feels like a waste of time when I’m brimming with ideas and creativity! I end up staying up late and planning out projects and waking up early to execute them.

Thrifting Finds

I absolutely love thrifting! It’s my favorite pastime. I check out vintage shops all over L.A. and find pretty good scores at Goodwill. I also constantly check Facebook Marketplace for online thrifting. A thrifting tip would be to go a lot. If you only go occasionally, you probably won’t have much luck. Find a couple of spots that are near your house and pop in whenever you have a free hour in the day. As far as online thrifting on Facebook Marketplace—act fast! If you like something, don’t wait, because it most likely won’t be there for long.

Get It Organized

I’m a big list maker. I don’t always write them down—sometimes they’re just in my head—but I always have my day planned out the day before, sometimes to the minute. It just really helps me to meet my goals efficiently. Now that’s not to say that sometimes things don’t go according to plan—you do have to have flexibility and account for detours—but it definitely helps to have an organized timeline in place.

DIY Favs

My latest proudest DIY moment is hand painting/stenciling the tile in my bathroom. I’m still in the process of it—it’s extremely time-consuming—but I’m loving the way that it’s turning out and I still can’t believe that I’m doing it. I love when an idea that you have in your head ends up looking better than you expected!

Add More Plants

I think the fastest way to create a space that nurtures you at home is adding in plants! I mean, they literally nurture you with air! Bringing the outdoors inside gives me so much peace, because nature is definitely what fills my soul. I also think soothing colors are important. Pastels and soft colors are very calming to me, so I tend to have a lot of peaches and pinks.

Hashtags I Love

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