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Vintage Romantic Meets Plant Mum with a Hint of Grandpa

Sam van Oosten

Amersfoort, The Netherlands


Instagram: @nothingaboutsam


Home Theory

Doesn’t matter which season it is, a fluffy cat goes with everything.

Self-Care is a Necessity

Relaxing is vital to keep your focus precise; that’s why I try to keep my weekends for my boyfriend and cat, so I can recharge for a busy workweek.

Inner Exploration

It’s okay not to just accept who you are, but also enjoy and explore who you are. Nothing beats loving yourself and being able to have a good time being by yourself.

Decorating Tip

I try not to find pieces that are very trendy, but rather more classic ones. Because when something’s classic, that means you’re less likely to get bored by it. I know my sofa is yellow and velvet, but it reminds me of my great-grandmother’s sofa, which to me is the ultimate classic item!

Shopping Advice

I just never stop searching until I find the perfect match. I hardly ever settle for less.

Plant Idea

I use my wicker bags that I don’t use anymore as plant pots. Also, mix old with new that looks old. It somehow makes it less frumpy, at least to me.

Best Advice

Trust your gut feeling and don’t be afraid to make strange and bold choices. Interior should have its personality with little quirks.

The 411

I'm a graduate student and an architecture and interior photographer. I live in a medieval-looking city in the center of the Netherlands together with my chubby British shorthair named Rosie Pumpkin Cinnamon.

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