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DIY in an English Period Home

Katie Gray



Instagram: @house_of_gray_


Wall Ideas I Love

I love unique items on the walls that aren’t just paintings or photography—ceramic plates, macramé, hanging cactuses in vases, shelving or box frames. They all add interest to a home and help to enhance beautiful art pieces.


As an organized person I love a list, but often my lists are far too long and unachievable. Using small lists with just a couple of key things on there, whether at work or tasks at home, makes you feel so much more satisfied.

Fun Design Hack

Buy expensive soap bottles with gorgeous packaging, but then fill them up with cheaper soaps when you run out. Life is too short to spend $20 on a bottle of soap!

Biggest Challenge With Our Home

Our biggest challenge with our home was to put back in the period features without spending a fortune doing so. I found little tricks, like adding foam ceiling cornicing and painting it ($2.50 a meter), made the whole house look finished and true to the original style. We also bought painted MDF fireplaces, and they look as good as stone ones but for a fraction of the cost.

DIY Coffee Table

We have a DIY coffee table that is made out of old print trays. It looks beautiful, and we use it as a living memory box to keep items from holidays and special occasions. I highly recommend print trays, as they also look great on the wall.

Command Strips

Command Strips were new to me a few months ago, but they are fantastic for walls, They create no damage and leave no holes— especially great if you like to change your mind.

Wish I’d Known

I wish I had known about “format painter” when I rst started working. It saves so much time!

Hashtags I Love

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