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Drawing Inspiration from Natural Plants & Elements

Sarah Gordon

British Textile Designer and Artist


Instagram: @sarahgordondesign


The Natural World

We live on Bainbridge Island, Washington, in the middle of the Puget Sound, a 35- minute ferry ride from Seattle. I’m lucky to work from my lovely home studio, which is a two-block walk from our local beach. I’m there almost every day with my kids beachcombing and collecting inspiration.

Great Business Advice When I Was Starting Out

When I was reinventing my art career two years ago, a successful artist friend, Kelly Johnston, gave me great advice to say yes to every opportunity. This really encouraged me to be open-minded to new avenues that I ordinarily might have turned down as they weren’t within my regular “fashion textile” scope of work. I’ve ended up being invited to exhibit in a major contemporary art show and do more bespoke work for home interiors, which I love.

Creative Podcasts As Inspiration

I’ve been used to working around other designers my whole career, so since I’ve been working from my home studio with no one for company, I’ve discovered listening to creative podcasts. I love listening to other artists and creatives talk about their process and the journey they took to get to their present success. I’ve been particularly inspired by the Jealous Curator’s podcasts.

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