A Creative, Meditative Life by the Sea

Ophelie Sazerat


Instagram: @opheliesz | orionallegoria.com


The 411

I live in France, and more particularly near the sea, a place where I like to come and meditate and reflect. I am passionate about all things vintage, and I collect a lot of objects that I find at thrift stores, which you can find in my photos. Where to find my work: etsy.com/en/shop/StudioOrionAllegoria

What Does Slow Living Mean to You?

Take the time to reconnect with yourself. Listen to your body and mind, knowing how to take breaks with hot chocolate. Wrap in a plaid blanket and listen to the rain falling, for example.

What Is Beauty to You?

Beauty for me is in all the simple things in life. You can find beauty in anything as long as you know where to look. A flying butterfly, the light crossing the forest, the leaves falling in autumn, etc.

Taking Care of Your Spirit

I have a few little rituals during my weeks that I can’t stop. I always take the time to take a walk in the woods, find a place I like, sit and meditate. I think; I take the time. It allows me to clear my head and refocus myself.

Self-Care & Wellness

I learned very recently to find what makes me happy and positive. If I feel stressed, I always listen to classical music that I enjoy. I sit in my bed and I try to concentrate on notes of music; with each high note, I strive to erase what bothered me.

Great Advice You’ve Received

I will not quote good advice, but bad advice. I was often told that it was financially dangerous to be a freelancer and that I might not succeed. It’s completely wrong! We can absolutely do everything if we want, as long as we believe in our strength and our project. This allowed me to be even more strong and creative than I would have thought.

One of Your Greatest Lessons

Failure is the foundation of success. A failure is a success if we learn and remember.

Creative Tools You Love

Right now, I’m a fan of paper collages to create something new from nothing.

Lesson You Wish You Would’ve Known in Business When You Started?

The perfectionist side of my personality was certainly one of the biggest difficulties of my early career as an entrepreneur. Wanting to make everything perfect, I often wasted my productivity and time.

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is nature; I love to look at the little details it offers us, whether it’s in the shapes or colors we can find.

Best Business Advice You Were Given When Starting Out

When I started my business I was advised that I had to do it with my intuition and that we should not be afraid to say no.

If You Could Say Something to Every Woman

To believe in yourself, and never give up when you’re told that you won’t make it. This negativity must push you to succeed, and you will draw a strength that no one can take away from you!