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All the Beautiful Little Details: Botanicals & Patterns Inspired by Nature

Michaela Hobson

Designer, Happy Mouse Studio

Sheffield, United Kingdom



Taking Care of Your Spirit

I think in order to take care of your spirit, you need to consciously do things that make you happy. For me, this is either creating or spending time with friends and family, usually over some good food. Also, a little sunshine never hurt either.

Author I Love

F. Scott Fitzgerald for his beautiful depictions of the jazz age and for the in-depth look into his characters’ intriguing lives.

Advice for Creatives

Don’t put pressure on yourself to find your style straight away. Enjoy the process, create the type of work you want to do and eventually everything will fall into place. It can be so easy to focus on the details you’re unhappy with, but it’s so important to see how far you’ve come and be proud of yourself!

Creative Tool I Love

Procreate has been such a game changer for me; it makes it so easy to work from anywhere, and I love the quality of the brushes.

Great Advice When I Was Starting Out

Never be afraid to try something new; there’s always more you can learn.

Advice To Women

There’s a lot of pressure growing up as a woman to look or act a certain way, and it’s important to take the time to accept yourself and truly be happy with who you are, regardless of what others think.

Sound Business Advice

Be consistent and give it your all. Whether it’s a personal project or a piece for a client, I think it’s so important to work hard, believe in what you do and be reliable.

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