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My Coastal Boho: The Aussie Thrifted Bohemian Pad with Pops of Pink

Melinda Parris

Sydney, Australia


Instagram: @my_coastalboho


Style Hacks

When it comes to styling your home, invest your money in good quality, expensive statement pieces; anything that is made from real wood can create a big impact in your space. These pieces can be styled and complemented with lower-budget styling options, such as throws and pillows. Colors and patterns can often be quite seasonal; therefore, you want to be spending less on your decorative pieces and more on your ageless larger furniture items, such as dining, side tables and artwork. We always change our throws and pillows to mix the colors to suit the season.

My Three Top Tips for creating a Boho Coastal Space:

1. Layer your space with rugs. I personally love layering with Moroccan and faux fur rugs to add texture to a room.

2. Include tassels. My home is filled with pillows, throws and macramé that have tassels to create a boho vibe.

3. Incorporate white and neutral colors. I have a lot of natural pieces, such as furniture and throws, to add a crisp, coastal feel.

Great Life Lesson

My greatest life lesson is that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything. Natural ability can only get you so far.

Wellness Tip

For the past two years, I have committed to exercising regularly and eating nourishing whole foods. I believe in the 80/20 rule: 80 percent whole foods and 20 percent soul foods!

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