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The Best (Swanky) Wellness Hotel In London

Here's a visual preview of the most glorious getaway that London has to offer, The Shangri-La London.

Housed in the iconic London landmark, The Shard, boasting the best view in the city. They offer progressive precision medicine with top trainers, one of the best facial clinics with an acclaimed London physician, a panoramic sauna, lap pool, and world-class gym overlooking the Thames and nearly every landmark.

Take The Day:

Have an immune boosting IV drip in your room, right before heading up the the gym overlooking the city with your personalized training session, then on to your cleansing hydrafacial, topped off with a deep tissue massage.

Relax in their heated pool overlooking London's landmarks, in one of the only true getaways the city offers.

We love their top of the line professional TechnoGym Treadmills for Hiit training with 30 seconds sprints, known to help balance hormones, shed fat, and transform your body (thx Dr. Sara Gottfried). Finish it off with 10 minutes on the bike, and 15 minutes of weight training.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS is an extremely effective type of training led by a certified personal trainer. This workout is achieved in just a 20-minute training session, which can fit easily into your schedule without any added time pressures.

With all of your major muscle groups activated throughout this full-body session, you’ll be sure to leave with maximum muscle conditioning and your endorphins flying high.

Utilizing low and mid frequency currents to increase the body’s natural muscle contractions, EMS promotes weight loss, in- creases strength, stimulates muscle growth and alleviates muscle tension. Regardless of your current health or fitness level, their personal trainers create non-judgemental environments where you can feel comfortable. EMS is a technique pioneered in Germany, where over 200,000 people benefit from this method of training every single week. EMS technology is the future of fitness.

MASSAGES Offered – Holistic – Neck, Back & Shoulder – Tranquility Aromatherapy – Deep Tissue – Sports – Reflexology – Pre-natal – Thai – Lymphatic Drainage

FACIALS A pampering and relaxing treatment. The therapists use Comfort Zone products for the Sacred Nature Facials. Sacred Nature is nourishing and protective with carefully selected organic ingredients which are anti-ageing and full of antioxidants. It is a natural treatment suitable for all skin-types, including the most sensitive.

SACRED NATURE FACIAL 60 minutes Let the Buriti oil extracted from the ‘tree of life’ in Brazil bring radiance to your face. This organic hydrating anti-aging facial treatment relies on jojoba particles in the gommage to smooth the skin, perfect for skins which are depleted and sensitive. This treatment will make your skin feel rejuvenated in 60 minutes of pampering bliss.

DELUXE SACRED NATURE FACIAL 90 minutes The complete Sacred Nature Facial with an additional 30 minutes of heavenly neck and shoulder massage. The exclusive and natural ingredients have a powerful anti-aging affect. They are soft and easily absorbed leaving your skin replenished without a sensation of heaviness


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