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Where to Eat and Sleep Well in Asheville, North Carolina

The rich culture of the Appalachian Mountains, diverse influences, and a foundation of ingenuity come

together to create a deeply rooted culinary community in Asheville, North Carolina. Affectionately known

as “Foodtopia,” this community of hundreds of local restaurateurs works closely with local farmers and

foragers to combine fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create innovative flavor combinations that are

built on the spirit of collaboration.

The Asheville community’s sense of hospitality extends beyond the plate. The city offers a diverse mix of

captivating places to stay, including a number of quaint bed-and-breakfasts. Choosing one of these

inviting options ensures your time in Asheville is both restorative and nourishing.

From extraordinary dining experiences to distinctive lodging, Asheville offers a feast for the senses, unlike

any other.

Foodtopia Favorites

In Asheville, dining is more than just a meal — it's an experience to be savored and celebrated. From the

soulful flavors of Southern classics to the bold innovations of modern cuisine, Asheville's dining scene is

vibrant and eclectic.

James Beard–recognized restaurants, like Neng Jr.'s, Cúrate, Rhubarb, Chai Pani, The Market Place,

Vivian and Benne on Eagle showcase the city's culinary excellence on a national stage, drawing food

lovers from near and far to indulge in their unforgettable creations.

Culinary Adventures

Embark on a guided foraging expedition with No Taste Like Home and discover the wild flavors of the Blue

Ridge Mountains, from earthy mushrooms to tart berries. Indulge in wine tastings at Biltmore Winery,

where award-winning vintages are paired with breathtaking views of America's Largest Home®.

Beer Enthusiasts

For beer enthusiasts, Asheville's thriving craft beer scene offers a tantalizing array of options to explore.

With over 100 breweries in the area, there's no shortage of craft brews to sample, from hoppy IPAs and

rich stouts to refreshing sours. Asheville Brewery Tours will be your guide as you discover the passion and artistry behind each pint, or connect with Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours to savor the views and brews.

Distinctive Bed & Breakfasts

For travelers interested in Asheville’s unique food culture, staying in a bed-and-breakfast is a great

opportunity to start each morning with a taste of Appalachia. These elegant retreats provide a tranquil

escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, with luxurious amenities and picturesque surroundings that

invite guests to unwind and rejuvenate.

Choose from many charming options, including Blind Tiger Asheville, offering 14 uniquely designed rooms.

Or stay at The Lion and the Rose, a Queen Anne/Georgian-style inn restored to its original splendor.

Biltmore Village Inn Bed & Breakfast is a hilltop inn with a distinctive history and breathtaking mountain

views. The 1900 Inn on Montford is a great choice in Asheville’s historic district, within walking distance to


Experience the magic of Foodtopia, where every meal is a reflection of the connection and collaboration

between growers, foragers, and chefs in Asheville’s deeply rooted food culture. Visit

or download the Explore Asheville app to learn more.


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