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We Love Wallpaper. No, We Really Love Wallpaper.




There’s a wallpaper that is perfect for every space.

So we reached out to (stalked) Wallpaperdirect to partner with us this issue on our wallpaper obsession.

They help people create a space they love, that feels personal. And they know that rules are meant to be broken. We love seeing interesting uses of pattern and color that exude personality and the style of the homeowner.

You can choose a pattern you love and pick out different shades for furniture and accessories to create a cohesive scheme. And they have more than 4,500 different wallpaper patterns (EEK!) from the leading wallpaper brands. So we wanted to be besties. Here’s a fun fact: they started as a family business in a small seaside town in England in 1904. Yes, 1904. They’ve now expanded, and a dedicated team of wallpaper experts in Tennessee help sort through thousands of options for wallpaper devotees like us.

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