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Modern Bohemians: Inspo for Spirit Dwellers, Mavericks and Color Mavens

Designer + Contractor Jen Streeter

Photos: Brad Wolf


Home essentials

The one thing I always do in my home is design with elements that make me so happy when I walk in that space! I need magic and whimsy in my home! So I know when I’m designing a space and come up with some crazy idea that makes me giggle, I’m totally on point.

Fun design hack

I recently came up with a solution for a space that I really enjoyed. I had been wanting a really cool removable wallpaper that was available on Urban Outfitters, but the price per panel was a little more than I wanted to pay. So instead, I ordered three of the wallpaper panels and hung them side by side on a focal wall behind my couch. Then I had my handy husband take molding and make a frame to go around the section of wallpaper. It made for an instant art piece that pops and gives the room a big dose of awesomeness! It almost looks like a tapestry!

A room is never finished + feeding creativity

Creating an inspiring space is a continual process for me. I never consider a room finished. If I feel like moving my rugs around every room like musical chairs, I do it! And if I want to paint something, whether it’s a feature wall or a piece of furniture, I do it. I allow my spaces and my tastes to change with how I’m feeling, and I use what I already have to create new designs. In fact, shopping my house is my favorite thing to do! If you study my feed, you’ll see I’m always moving things around and following my inspiration of the day. I love keeping it fresh around my house because it feeds my creativity on the daily.

Let’s talk about your construction company

My husband and I started our construction company out of necessity over 15 years ago. We were trying our hands at other business ventures, and we had an epic fail that brought us down to our knees! We had to get up and dust ourselves off… and find what our passion was again. We loved working together, and my husband’s carpentry skills and my love of design made the choice obvious for us. As budding entrepreneurs at heart, we threw ourselves into building a new business of commercial and residential construction that has quickly grown over the years. Now we’re struggling just to keep up with demand, and our dreams are growing as well. Construction is a high-maintenance business, and keeping quality high is top priority. We’ve surrounded ourselves with an absolutely amazing team of contractors who share our passion for being the best and providing the best. This is what has helped make our company successful and given us the drive to keep moving forward!

That famous swing of yours! Where did you find it?

I actually found that swing on! I had the idea for a swing in that space and went on the hunt for one that was super cool but a good price. That one fit the bill!

Some sage life advice

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was instilled in me by my parents and encouraged by my grandparents. They always told me how I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be with hard and relentless work. They consistently encouraged me to be kind yet tenacious. They never wanted me to fear being authentically me... no matter what anyone else’s opinion of me was. Although I have honestly struggled with that over the years, I’ve never forgotten that core belief and always go back to that keystone teaching in my life.


I find my pieces pretty much anywhere! I LOVE thrift shopping, but I’ve also never met a retail opportunity I didn’t like! HomeGoods, Target, At Home, TJ Maxx... and I always search the clearance because I live for a deal! And I recently made a big, new purchase for my birthday last year. My husband surprised me for my birthday with a trip to the Jonathan Adler store in Chicago, where I picked out my berry-licious sofa for my gift! He’s ALWAYS been one of my all-time favorite designers, and I’m now a proud new momma to a gorgeous piece of Adler design!


One of the top things you can do to design a nurturing home or space is to add greenery and plants. It just makes the space come alive and breathe. Bringing nature indoors is just a simple way to nurture your spirit.


Color is important to me because it brings energy and makes the space alive and have a soul! I need my spaces to feed my soul and spirit. They need to breathe life into me when I come home ready to collapse on my berry-licious pink Adler sofa. See?! I bet you smiled when you just read that! And that’s what color does for me.

Entertaining Essentials

1. I love having an abundance of food! I love a table that’s just filled with all kinds of yumminess that makes you feel like you’re at an Alice in Wonderland kind of party!

2. A whimsical and relaxed feel makes for awesome party atmosphere. This past summer, we had a backyard, boho-style party where we threw big rugs on the ground and stacked pallets to make an informal table. Big floor pillows made for seating, and we had candlelit lanterns to give us light into the evening. It was a blast!

3. Good music blasting.

4. Playing cards are a must!

5. Last, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your own party! When you’re enjoying yourself, the guests will, too!

ORIGIN Rapid Fire

If you had to design a room with one color?

A room with EVERYTHING lilac!

Design Inspiration?

I love Jonathan Adler! I’ve been a huge fan for years!

Hashtags you follow?

Where do you start with a room?

I like to start with an inspiration piece.

Fastest way to shift a space?

Changing a rug can totally transform a space.

Fav quote?

“Keep moving forward.”—Walt Disney

Something we might not know about you?

I am a wife and mother to five kids. I have been married for 20 years, and we have owned a construction company for the last 15. I became a designer out of necessity for our business, and it's now a passion that I pursue every day.

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