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Creative Loft Living Filled With Eclectic Vintage Finds

Liz Sparacio


Photos: Stefan Suchanec


What is it Like to Be a Vintage Furniture Buyer?

I’m a vintage furniture and decor buyer, and it is absolutely nothing like you see on the TV shows! It’s not glamorous or sparkly. Imagine moving in and out of your house every day—lots of long days and heavy lifting, but the payoff of finding incredible things that will find their way into a new home always makes it worth it. And yes, it’s really hard to resist bringing everything home!

Healthy and Productive Workflow

It is so important to do something for you every single day, no matter how taxing or filled your days are! For me, I utilize my mornings. I am up and moving before 6 a.m. every day, and I love having a few hours of me time before the day starts. I run, work on personal projects, read or do absolutely nothing. Without that time, I don’t feel as productive the rest of the day. I always start my day with what I need.

Green Living Hack

All homes need houseplants! What they can add to a space, no piece of art, decor or furniture can ever compete with! Plants offer so much life and texture and truly make the space come alive. Whether big or small, plant life makes a much-needed impact!

I Am Driven by Texture Over Color

While I don’t follow any style rules, I do stick to a primarily neutral palette, which allows me to use really interesting materials and textures throughout my home—shaggy rugs with concrete tables paired with plastic chairs and laminate and chrome. When you mix that with the hardwood floors and brick walls and keep it all neutral, nothing competes with each other.

Making Your Home Your Home

It’s important to me that my home never feels too done up. I like for everything to feel lived in and inviting. It is my home, after all! Most of my furniture is perfect for lounging, and while I definitely have a lot of stuff, I don’t treat it like a museum. My shelves are lined with my favorite things, and I love that everything is exposed so I can see it all!

Slow Down and Relax

I am very impatient, put a lot of things on my plate and try to give 100 percent to all of it at once instead of focusing on one thing until completion. That’s a recipe for disaster. When I was much younger, someone jokingly told me that I wouldn’t make it past 30 if I didn’t slow down. I made it past that milestone, but I’ll never forget that conversation!

Liz Sparacio, a Philadelphia furniture buyer and merchandiser, finds inspiration in plants, vintage decor and art. She fills her airy Northern Liberties loft with her eclectic findings, and curates her ever-changing monochrome space.

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