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Home is Where the Plants Are

Sara Toufali



Tile Stickers Work Wonders

If you don’t have the funds for expensive renos or new furniture, cover it up! I can’t recommend tile stickers enough, especially for renters or anyone on a budget. My bathroom came with the ugliest brown tiles on the walls, and retiling the space would have been out of our budget. We were able to completely transform the room just by covering up the brown tiles with beautiful, removable stickers. They look like the real thing, too!

Refresh Your Space with Custom Slipcovers

Sofa covers are a great way to refresh a space. Our sofa is originally dark blue-gray, and I wasn’t feeling the color in our new home. We had slipcovers custom-made from the fabric of our choice and it’s like having a totally new couch! We went from dark and gloomy to a light and bright shade that I really love.

Earthy Spaces: Creating a Space that Nurtures You

I’m forever inspired by nature and bringing the outdoors in. Most of my home pieces are either wooden, wicker/rattan, bamboo, or made from some sort of natural materials. My partner, Eddie, and I are both earth signs, so it makes sense that we’re attracted to earthy things. But the most nurturing things to me are my plants—all 75 of them and counting! Plants bring instant life, happiness and beauty to a space. They’re my number one must-have for every room.

If You Had to Design in One Color

Blue! My favorite color. I just love it, especially in shades of teal, turquoise or indigo.

5 Essentials for a Great Party

Fun music, yummy foods, pretty cocktails, lots of places to sit and chill, and space to dance.

Creative Inspiration

Surround yourself with things that relax and inspire you—plants, inspo boards, photos, candles, etc. Don’t forget to take breaks to give your eyes and mind a rest!

Sara Toufali is a designer, photographer and creative director based in Los Angeles. With a passion for plants and cozy interiors, she runs her lifestyle blog Black & Blooms in addition to her online print shop and botanical-filled Instagram account.

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