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The Free-Spirited Thrift Shop Queen

Antonia Renee Renteria



Thrift Shop Queen

Most of my home is furnished by the thrift shop. Who says a home that looks bomb has to be expensive? Find a piece, change the color, add some flair and make it your own. I also shop at small businesses a lot. I find good shops on Instagram and Etsy for most of my prints and things.

Color Color Color Color is EVERYTHING!

Color is able to make you feel different emotions, and it affects your mood and influences your soul. Color brings me happiness and comfort. Color is how we see the world. So many different contrasts, saturations and hues. To me, there is just so much beauty in it. It’s playful and fun. It’s important to me, because I feel like it represents me.

Spirit Animal

A unicorn! Does this count? My unicorn is magical AF. She’s white with rainbow hair and a rainbow horn. She poops pastel and glitter. She lives off fruits and veggies and gets her power from music.

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