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Flower Design Inspo, Just Outside London

Janne Ford



Take Time to Create

Slow living to me is allowing yourself time out to create when you can. Gardening, baking, designing and photographing a floral arrangement all bring contentment when I’m completely absorbed in the moment. No phones. No computers. Just silence and creativity.

Affordable Floral Hack

Flowers can be expensive, but a simple bunch from a supermarket can be supplemented with foliage from your garden or wild grasses from the roadside to create something really beautiful.

My Fav Blossoms Are on the Wild Side

I love the old-fashioned cottage flowers of an English country garden: Rambling clematis intertwined with heavenly scented garden roses and honeysuckle. Foxgloves, aquilegia, peonies all jostling for space as they put on their best show in May and June. I like my flowers on the wild side!

Books I Love

My favorite classic is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid.

The Magical Peony

I love the “Hawaii” peony and how it changes from an intense deep coral to a soft, romantic blush color over a week.

Key to Stunning Snaps

If you’re not sure what the message is, the viewer won’t be either. I always like to add a little twist or something a little unexpected in my images, such as an unusual pitcher or vase. I always brighten my images, and my favorite app is Snapseed. Always use natural light; soft and diffused is best. There is no right and wrong when it comes to angles, but if you are photographing for Instagram, make sure the focus of the image is clear and strong.

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