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Appreciating the Simple Things with Tamsyn Morgans

Tamsyn Morgans

Photographer, Stylist, Artist



The Story

I work full time as a content creator, stylist and photographer. I’ve been passionate about photography for years now, but it’s only in the last six months that I’ve started to be brave enough to call myself a photographer. I still have a lot to learn, but I want to tell spellbinding visual stories and bring a touch of magic to my photography, along with a touch of playfulness—and lots of flowers!

Slow, Luscious Living

I’m working on trying to approach a slower way of living, as the last few years have been pretty full-on! I think this means being able to appreciate the simple things in life—cooking good food, being kind to myself and the environment, and making time to do what I love. And teaching all this to my children!

Advice For Taking Gorgeous Photos

Look for a scene that excites you, whether it has lots of beautiful colors, a simple rose in a jar or dreamy light. Take shots from different angles—get down low or up on a chair. I take lots and lots of photos before I choose the one that excites me the most; I never get the shot the first time! There are lots of apps out there for editing. I love A Color Story, but find one that suits your style of subject and photography. Finally, if you’re lacking inspiration, go out for a walk and look for interesting details in buildings in the city or in the woods or hedgerows.

Recommended Book

I absolutely love In Detail by Hans Blomquist. His styling is a huge inspiration to me.

Flowers to Celebrate


My favorite flower is the dahlia. It is a “cut and come again” flower—the more you snip it, the more flowers will bloom. It has a long flowering season and divine colors, and it makes a great cut flower. It’s just such a fun, exuberant bloom! This year I have lots of different varieties in delicious colors, and I’m excited to see them flower.


I have a few large hydrangea bushes, and I love the purple colors of the petals. Come September, the flowers will fade to parchment shades, and then they are great for drying and for making wreaths with.


For the scent and beautiful color.

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