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Head Full of Ideas + the Art of Nurturing Your Spirit

Katarzyna Wichowska

Artist Collecting Forest and Meadow Treasures



Beauty to Me

I went through many phases in my life. There was a time when I thought beauty was the only thing that could take my breath away. Now, I can find beauty in small things and common life, in smiles, sunrises and flowers. Maybe it sounds commonplace, but it’s true.

Soulful Slow Living

Slow living means finding one’s own place in the world, following passions and staying in harmony with nature and one’s own beliefs. Relaxation, peace and stability are the best words to describe slow living.


I Love Painting and drawing are something that I really enjoy. I love trying new things, such as clay modeling, weaving or carving.

Places to Refresh My Spirit

I live next to a big city, and I like it, but what I really love is the sea. I like sand under my feet, fresh air, picking stones and shells. I also like visiting my parents, who live in the country. There are so many trees, meadows, birds and wild animals.

Great Advice I’ve Received

Climbing towards the goal hurts less than surrender. So it’s better to try than to give up.

Plant Lover Advice

Love your plants and in return they will love you back, grow well and bloom.

Wellness Advice

Do something that makes a difference to you. For everyday exercises, I do Tibetan Rites, which helps me keep balance and gives energy.

Favorite Winter Tea

Green tea with quince.

Winter Essentials

I always have ginger, cinnamon, cloves, curcuma and homemade raspberry syrup in my kitchen.

Authors I Love

Simon Beckett, Jeffery Deaver, A.J. Kazinski, Tess Gerritsen, Brian Tracy

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