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Color is My Jam

Carla Bethany Hayden



Shopping Secrets

Don’t buy anything just because it’s on sale. I have learned through the years you will have collected lots of things that you don’t really love because they were on sale. Instead, save and buy what you want and will love for years.

Georgia On My Mind

I’ve learned that my favorite places to travel are the scenic highways between my home and the coast of Georgia. I discovered so many treasures tucked away in old historic towns.

Rethinking Traditional Bed Frames

I don’t think a traditional bed frame and mattress is required to have a good night’s sleep. I am all for hacking the bed by buying an affordable platform bed frame and spending money on a quality mattress and headboard.

Creativity & Inspiration

I am inspired by colors and how they make me feel. I like lots of bright and playful tones throughout my home, but I also find balance in neutrals and soft pastels in hidden corners.

Passion + Profitability

My biggest challenge is deciding how to pursue my passions and profitability at the same time. I have a master’s degree and sometimes struggle with walking away from a career I’ve worked so hard at building to pursue design work full time.

Creating Balance as an Entrepreneur

I think balance is something that looks different every day. I don’t judge my successes by how much work I’ve done in one day. I look at the bigger picture, and if I meet my goals then I have succeeded. Healthy workflow Say no to things that just don’t make sense.

Hashtag I Love

The 411

I’m a lover of color, home decor and interior designer. I am a Georgia native born and raised. I live in a small town, just south of metro Atlanta, with my husband and pet dog Maybelline. I have a degree in technology management and have spent my career focused on HR systems and design. I started Carla Bethany, a home and design blog, as a way to share my passion for exploring home interiors and the beautiful objects that fill those spaces. My design style has evolved over time, but mostly I am influenced by bright colors, patterns, mid-century, Palm Springs, plant life and most definitely the homes of the South. I spend my Sundays exploring old homes and digging through treasures at local thrifts and flea markets.

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