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The Evolving Eclectic: Balancing Opposites + Keeping it Positive

Sharlene Kayne

Los Angeles Area

Torn Paper Artist, Skaynedesigns


Instagram: @skaynedesigns


Paint Tips

I’ve had a few rooms painted blue, then green, then the color du jour, but I have found for me it’s easier to have soft white walls (Dunn Edwards White Heat), and just add an accent wall which is much easier to paint over!

Describe Your Style

My style is eclectic, and I like to call it evolutionary since it is forever changing. I like a balance of opposites: Neutral vs. color, old vs. new, organic shapes vs. clean lines, and high vs. low. Above all, I like the space to read a bit out of the box and whimsical, yet still homey.

Shopping Secrets

Buy what you love and what speaks to you, provided you can afford it. You may not know exactly where that piece will go in your design, but if you really love it, it may be the starting point from which all other decisions are made. And on the other side of that, don’t buy just to buy. By that I mean if you need a coffee table, don’t settle for one that is not quite right. It’s better to wait for the piece you really love, and in the meantime, borrow from another room or improvise. I speak first hand on this as I’m waiting for my dream coffee table set to arrive.

Boho Bedroom Ideas

I have been known to throw a vintage boucherouite rug, or lightweight kilim on the end of the bed for a little pop of color. Some may think that’s impractical, but then again, so is having 4 or 5 (or more) decorative pillows! It’s just a fun way of changing out the look without investing in new bedding. I always start with a white or ivory coverlet and add the color with pillows and those versatile rugs!

Cruelty-Free, Conscious Design

I would say that the biggest challenge in design is to be mindful of what products come into our home. I have been a vegetarian since I was a kid, (and raised both of our girls vegetarian), and it has only been fairly recent that more non-animal home products are available and are as striking as their counterparts. I recently upholstered our sofa in “Vegan Leather” as they like to call it, and it looks amazing. I’m also focusing on fair-trade with home décor, and also with the handmade-paper I use in my collages.

Something We Might Not Know About Your Work

It takes a lot of patience and legwork (and armwork!) for me to make one of my torn handmade-paper collages. I spend a lot of time sourcing quality paper, then comes the brainstorming of designs, and finally 3 – 5 days or longer to complete a piece. Some of the torn pieces are smaller than a fingernail, and those pieces are being applied to canvases as big as 24’30”.

Selling Art On Insta

My proudest DIY moment is when I sold my first torn handmade-paper collage on Instagram. I had been selling online elsewhere, but it was hard for me to find an audience. Insta - gram gave that to me in abundance, and for that I am so grateful!

The 411

I’m a self-taught torn paper collage artist. I especially enjoy creating classics with a twist and my artwork mirrors my decorating style – I like to add whimsy to otherwise classic pieces.

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