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The Wanderlust Wayfaress on Greatest Lessons and Hidden Gems Abroad

Alexandra Saper


Instagram: @thewayfaress |


One of your greatest life lessons?

Last fall, I was hit by a truck while riding my bike around Bali. It landed me in the hospital for a week with a broken wrist, and recovery took weeks. I felt sorry for myself, emotionally and physically depleted, and ready to give up on my entrepreneurial dreams. But that “rock bottom” forced me to reevaluate my life and finally take ownership of my happiness. I realized how my victim mentality and passive approach to my happiness seriously hindered my professional and personal success. Through that accident, I grew into a more bold, self-assured and proactive version of myself!

Lijiang, China: Hidden Gem

My list of amazing places, people, foods and experiences I’ve discovered while traveling the world is endless. But one recent favorite discovery was a tiny ancient town called Lijiang in China’s Yunnan Province. I recently traveled around China for one month, and of the nearly 60 countries I’ve visited, this was the most challenging. But Lijiang was truly like finding a portal to another world—cobblestone streets, traditional Chinese architecture, bright flowers and dripping willow trees, narrow canals winding through the town, amazing food and locally made handicrafts. It was the most peaceful, tranquil, beautiful “hidden gem” of a town!

Instrumental Piece of Advice You’ve Received in Life?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to never make decisions out of fear. Fear clouds our judgment, and is based in an imaginary belief about something that doesn’t exist, which is hardly rational. To make decisions (relationally, professionally, personally or otherwise) that are motivated by fear is what leads to regret and missed potential. Whether it’s the fear of failure, fear of other people’s opinions or fear of being alone—fears cause us to quiet ourselves, ignore our convictions, settle for lower standards and impose limiting beliefs on our lives.

Top Tips for a Healthy and Productive Workflow

Routine is so crucial in being your most productive self. Our minds require a lot of time to switch between different activities and decisions throughout the day—anything from making a new decision about what to cook for breakfast or whether to start the morning by answering emails or finishing writing that blog post is a decision that fatigues us slowly. Similarly, switching between tasks regularly wastes a lot of time, as our minds can’t immediately transition to something new. Eliminating little decisions and batching work is extremely helpful in getting the most out of the hours in the day!

Something You Wish You Would’ve Known in Business When You Started

I wish I would’ve better known how important CONFIDENCE is in starting a business. It took me a while to realize how much my fear of failure and the opinions of others warped my decisions and distracted me from my goals and personal convictions. Once I was able to shake that need for public approval, I was finally able to make strong decisions, run full speed after my goals and make even controversial decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

The 411

I left my job as a D.C. lawyer, sold everything and moved to Bali to make my dreams reality. I now travel nearly full-time, sharing my adventures, photography and inspirational life lessons through my Instagram and blog.

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