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Swedish Earthy Urban Inspiration

Christin Haussmann




The 411

I live in Sweden with my husband, Lars, and two kids, Emma and Carl. I am an interior designer who sells beautiful homeware and art by day, and hopeless DIYer by night, making homes more colorful and full of attitude.

Slow It Down

The biggest challenge with our home is to take it slow! Our house was built in the ’80s, and most things are still very original—to my dismay. I’d love to do a full-blown renovation. At the same time, however, I have a serious commitment phobia, like deciding on a kitchen I will be happy with for 15+ years or a tile in the bathroom that will still excite me in five years’ time. That’s why I love doing small updates and DIYs at the moment to test the waters for bigger renovations in the future.

Hashtags I Love

Organizing Tips

I am a basket lady! I have numerous baskets in all rooms, to sort and organize the small (and not-so-small) things in life. But there is one place where I find it most helpful— and that is the kids’ room! I believe every kid’s room should have cubicle shelving, where baskets fit in with all their different types of toys. Another great tip (and visually pleasing) is to use bookshelves/ picture ledges where you can display the week’s favorite books in easy reach. The best part? Both tips work in any kind of interior style, regardless if you are a monochrome fan or wildly boho, simply because there are just so many different types of shelving and baskets available at a low cost!

What Do You Wish You Would've Known in Business When You Started?

That things take time! Every job you start, there are usually 10 others hidden within.

How Do You Create Balance as an Entrepreneur?

I don’t really, but if you find a good way, let me know, ok?

Go For It!

My tip is that if you don’t mind investing your time, tears and sweat, you can do and learn everything you want. Just plan in enough time!

Great Life Lesson

It’s ok to ask for help! I’ve always been quite an independent person in terms of doing my own thing, too proud to ask for help. But I totally did learn that taking the highway is not always best, and one doesn’t have to be great at everything.

That things take time! Every job you start, there are usually 10 others hidden within.

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