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Airstream and Small Home Living: The Cozy Minimalist

Melanie Gnau

Minimalism Coach & Small Space Stylist

Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina



All the Feels

My style is minimalist but cozy. My dream home is a small, light, bright, art-filled home in the woods.

Best Design Advice

In life and design, do what’s best for you— even if it seems weird to others. You’re the one that gets to live your life, and you’re the one that gets to live in your home.

Creating a Space that Nurtures You

I’m constantly inspired by nature—the colors, the sounds, the smells. Nature relaxes me. I try to bring a bit of nature into every space I create. That might mean adding plants, natural textures (like wood or stone) and florals. When in doubt, I always add flowers!

Tips for a Productive Workflow

Productivity isn’t everything. Health—both mental and physical— is everything. No matter how busy I am, I take time each day to do something for me. I listen to my body and mind to see what it needs that day. That might mean a long walk, a healthy dinner or a nap. Whatever it is, I take time to do it, even if it seems easier to skip it.

My Proudest DIY Moment

My proudest DIY moment has been renovating an Airstream that we lived in for almost four years before we saved enough money to put a down payment on our small home. I also DIY often. Small spaces can be challenging and traditional-size furniture doesn’t always fit. Creating your own pieces works well for a small space, because you can customize them to fit your exact needs.

Hashtags I Love

So many! I love to use hashtags to find new accounts to follow. For small spaces, I love #smallspacesquad. For women doing inspiring DIY projects, I love #girlsjustwanttoDIY. And a new-to-me hashtag that I’m digging is #zerodollarupdate. I love seeing how others have updated their homes with things they already own, and it motivates me to shop my house!

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