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Marrakesh Meets Melbourne: Bedding to Make you Swoon. Our FemFounder Series.

Designer + Creative Director Briony Delves, Society of Wanderers

Instagram: @societyofwanderers

Photography: Cricket Ink

Styling: NC Interiors

Campaign Shoot Location: La Maison Marrakech

Society of Wanderers

From Marrakesh, With Love

What is something you wish you would’ve known in business when you started?

That it is a LOT harder than it looks and requires more time and commitment than I ever imagined.

What is essential to nurturing your creativity?

Time out, rest and a calm mind.

What are your top tips in terms of healthy and productive workflow?

Be disciplined and block out time to get what’s important done. However, to be really productive when I’m working on designs I need to allow myself to be distracted, fiddle with fabrics etc and let the ideas appear. I suppose find what works for you.

What is some of the best advice you have ever received?

That I need self discipline. Before then I hadn’t realized I didn’t have much of it!

What made you decided to start Society of Wanderers?

I was studying interior design a few years ago and began a small home wares business. I had an Etsy store and sold wholesale to a few stores in our local area in Australia. My products had a bohemian and ethnic feel. They were all handmade or vintage and sourced from Morocco, India, Thailand, Cameroon and Poland. Some of the products really took off and with a beautiful shoot I launched them to wholesale and my own online store in June 2015. I began manufacturing bed linen about 2 years ago and this year I released my first print designs. Now we still do a little bit of vintage and handmade but the main product we sell is printed linen with my own designs.

How do you create balance as an entrepreneur between work and life?

My husband now works in the business with me full time. To be honest it has completely taken over our lives and that of our children because we are constantly discussing work, but having a partner to share that with is comforting on tough days. We sneak family time in when we can, so that can mean making the most of a weekday afternoon rather than waiting for weekends.

Tips for designing a nurturing space?

Use products with beautiful texture and think about what colors you’re drawn to. Definitely don’t only shop in stores or buy everything brand new - try antique stores/vintage pieces/auctions/thrift stores! Surrounding yourself in a space full of special pieces you love and have found over time will be nurturing.


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