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Plant-based Living Peaks Globally

It seems that nutritious meals, eco-friendly products, and a sustainable lifestyle have never seemed more vital.

THRIVE Magazine, celebrates its seventh anniversary, as the number one plant-based food magazine in the United States.

Readers across the globe are recognizing the impact of the agriculture industry on our shared environment and the potential for food to impact our physical and mental health. However, for many individuals, this healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle often seems out of reach, like an idealized notion fit for the printed page but impossible to manifest or translate into real life.

Perhaps healthy cooking feels time-consuming, a trip to the farmers market unrealistic, and a search for green beauty products an insult to your limited budget. THRIVE Magazine seeks to bridge this divide, offering global readers a guide to a healthy, yet accessible modern lifestyle.

Launched in 2013 by founder, Maranda Pleasant, the recipes, products, and tips found in the pages are sourced from individuals on social media.

The magazine features global foodies and recipe developers from vastly different ages, backgrounds, and professions who join us in the search for a lifestyle that is kinder to animals, the planet, and ourselves.

The magazine strives to be more than a publication; it is an international community of inspiring cooks and creatives who make informative articles in THRIVE feel more personal and meaningful.

The magazine is available to anyone who wishes to learn, experiment with new ingredients, or simply flip through the pages and enjoy the beautiful visuals. THRIVE can be found in almost all major grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Costco in the United States and they are currently expanding to Europe in 2020. It seems the plant-based movement has never been stronger or more popular.

Happy birthday THRIVE!


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