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The Way Women Travel

Transformative Travel + the Rewilding of Women over 40

Surrounding Ourselves in Beauty, Color, + New Possibilities

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride. - Hunter S. Thompson

I love the way travel feeds inspiration and creativity, and keeps us on the pulse of what makes us feel fully alive.

From five-star hotels, wellness resorts to van-life road trippin, we find ourselves while exploring new terrain.


Elevated Getaways + Dreamy Escapes

So thrilled to share my favorite part of the world with you this issue, South Tyrol, Italy. Surrounded in a sea of stars and silence, the smell of pine and sweeping beauty from mountain vistas grounds me like no other destination. Celebrated for its

world-class wellness resorts and spas, and so close to Italy’s prominent lakes and cities, but still largely undiscovered by Americans.

Experience-Oriented Travel

We're all complex, multi-layered people; spa enthusiasts, stargazers, full of range, from ski chalets to camping in the wild outdoors, we all long for a meaningful soulcation. This issue also celebrates female photographers, writers, and team members. What a revolution to have women leading travel in media, since we’re the ones booking those fabulous holidays.

Nature As Nourishment

Renewal + Reconnecting

We’re exploring nature as a way to nourish, nurture and rewild us, building confidence and connecting with our bodies through new adventures and experiences. We’re more than tourists. We’re travelers; tasting, feeling, and discovering the world around us.

We'd love to know your favorite spots, hikes, and trails.

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