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Welcome to the Italian Alps

An Elevated Wellness Resort

Earthy, Modern Warmth

The Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy

The Cyprianerhof Hotel

Instagram: @cyprianerhof_dolomit_resort

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.”

—John Muir

Rewilding the Spirit

I found a soul rewilding in these vast open spaces, with towering mountains, in my favorite part of Italy, the Dolomites. Quite possibly the most beautiful part of Italy that you’ve never visited. I longed for softness and a sense of calm, in a world where quiet is extinct. Here you can recover and reassemble parts of yourself between the sea of silence and stars.

The Cyprianerhof Hotel is nestled between these majestic, soaring mountains, clear blue lakes, and blooming alpine meadows, in the small, tranquil Dolomite village of Tires/Tiers, 1,175 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the fragrance of wildflowers, native herbs, and pine trees, it’s a sensory refresh, bordering on sacred.

There’s a wildness that can only be found in this kind of expansiveness that makes you feel free, full, and alive. In this emptiness, there’s an openness that fills and calms you.

The Cyprianerhof is special because of the way it makes you feel. Situated across from the Rosengarten mountain mass, these stunning rock formations are energetically invigorating while simultaneously grounding. This kind of nature is the ultimate luxury. It feeds and frees you.

The Soul of Mountain

Rosengarten means “Rose Garden” in German, the language most spoken in South Tyrol. At sunset, these striking mountains reflect a crimson and orange glow. They rise impressively in front of this five-star hotel that is surrounded by sweeping natural beauty, that blends state-of-the-art modern design and thoughtfulness with woodsy warmth. It felt deeply comforting, a complete nap for my nervous system, with a sense of renewal, where you feel profoundly soothed by these peaks, in harmony with nature.

The Sacred Refresh

Hands down, my favorite part was sitting in the saltwater outdoor whirlpool in wooden recliners, built into the hill, gazing at one of the world’s most remarkable mountains.

Their natural bathing pond and their indoor and outdoor pools with water jets are filled with fresh spring water and are chlorine-free. The water is cleaned using a salt electrolysis plant. We love that they’re committed to protecting the environment and our well-being. It’s refreshing to immerse yourself in warm crystal clear water on a chilly day, in a meadow with a mountain view, and NOT smell chlorine.

The Cold Plunge

The highlight for my partner was exiting the rustic hay barn sauna and entering their cold plunge pool, grounding our feet on the white rocks on the bottom. It became a communal gathering of laughter as we each descended into a Wim Hof level of meditation needed to withstand the stinging temperatures. Of course, I’m American so I had to time myself and make it into a competition.

I lost to a German from Munich, but we spoke about how our routines of cold water exposure have transformed our health, immunity, and endurance, along with the near miraculous medical benefits. Never mind that my skin looked five years younger after three days of saunas, steam, and cold water.

Let’s Talk Saunas

The star of the show is their new glass sauna with a panoramic view of Rosengarten mountain. No, the photos just can’t do it justice. Even the ceiling is glass. Walking into the warmth, feeling the sensation of being outside, indoors, encompassed by alpine summits, makes this our favorite sauna, ever.

Their wellness area also includes a Swiss stone pine sauna with a temperature between 85°C and 95°C. Their fresh herbs steam bath holds at 42°C to 46°C. The Argilla clay sauna is a 100% ecological dome made of clay with a round stove in the middle with a temperature of approx. 65°C, with a humidity around 75%.

They have sensory experience showers, the Kneipp stream, the Kneipp basin, and a crushed ice grotto, great for applying to your face to tighten your pores after hot temperatures. Then lie down on their new infrared loungers, waterbeds, or hay beds in their relaxation room. They serve Plafötsch spring water and snacks at their Vitalbar all day long.

I loved that there was no music in their countless saunas and steam rooms, and no smell of artificial fragrances on the towels or robes, often found elsewhere. We come to escape into the natural world and we don’t need artificial stimulation everywhere. It’s why we escape to the mountains.

Invigorating Wellness

Their well-being programs feature hiking, biking, a decked-out sunlit gym and fitness area, forest bathing, and numerous activities, including a rock climbing room. Amazingly, there’s a gondola right outside that runs up the mountain every 15 minutes. I love hiking, but I’m also a bit lazy, so I recommend riding the cable car up, enjoying the views, and then a leisurely two-to-three-hour hike back down to the village. They’ll even let you ride on top of the car!

My partner’s massage was stellar and the treatment rooms even have views of the mountains. They specialize in gourmet everything, and our plant-based meals were thoughtfully curated. We love that there’s a juice bar at breakfast, even if my ginger juice habit is borderline obsessive.


The strength of these mountains grounds you, holds you, and encompasses you. It was one of the most profound trips I’ve experienced, as someone who’s regularly pretty tweaked out from stress. It’s a place where you can discover and perhaps even reconfigure parts of yourself.


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