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Flowers Make Everything Better!

Cassia Forêt, Florists Marysu and Nathan Erickson

Salinas, California


Instagram: @Cassia.foret


Tips for arranging flowers in your home?

Start with your greens and fillers before moving on to your statement pieces. Always use a clean vase. Wash it well with hot water to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms. Remove all greenery that could possibly be submerged in the water; this will keep your vase/water clear. Trim the ends and change the water regularly.

Any secrets for extending the life of freshly cut flowers?

There are a lot of home mixtures and experiments out there. Some work, some don’t. I’ve tried a lot of them myself and I would recommend them according to the type of flower, but there’s nothing like a nice trim, a sweet glass of water, and giving your flowers a whole lot of love!

Home Advice?

Flowers make your space home alive and impact you emotionally.

Where do you start when you remake a room?

Start with a statement piece, the color, a sofa, a piece of art and make that into your inspiration for the rest of the space.

ORIGIN Rapid Fire

What do you collect the most?

Knobs! I have quite an insane amount of knobs in a pretty box; mostly from Anthropologie. But I can’t compete against my husband’s insane film score collection.

What hashtags do you use to find awesome design inspiration?

Something we wouldn't know about you?

I am absolutely obsessed with the moon!

The 411:

My husband, Nathan Erickson, and I are the owners of Cassia Forêt: floral and wedding design. Together we utilize Nathan’s logistics and administrative skills, combined with my passion for creative design and florals.

Photos: Kimberly Orlebeck Residence of Erick and Fae Urban

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