Shyla Cino

South Carolina


Instagram: @shylacino |

Motto I Live By

“You miss 100 percent of the chances you don’t take.” Everyone has probably heard this quote some time or another, but I really do live by this. I think...

Rachel Castle

Sydney, Australia


Instagram: @rachelcastleandthings |

Instrumental Piece of Advice

Don’t complain and don’t explain. As a woman juggling a thousand things I felt guilty for years not being able to...

Wendy Lau

Toronto, Canada


Instagram: @thekwendyhome |

Photos: Janet Kwan |

Proudest DIY Moment

My proudest DIY moment was when I decided to tackle our red brick fireplace on my own. I’m talking super...

Melanie Gnau

Minimalism Coach & Small Space Stylist

Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina


Instagram: @asmalllife |

All the Feels 

My style is minimalist but cozy. My dream home is a small, ligh...

Melanie Sutherland 

Creator, Harbor Theory Designs


Instagram: @harbortheory |


My proudest DIY was creating a wall-length desk in my office. The wall is about eight feet long, so I bought an unfinished...

Ophelie Sazerat 


Instagram: @opheliesz |

The 411

I live in France, and more particularly near the sea, a place where I like to come and meditate and reflect. I am passionate about all things vintage, and I collect...

Brianne Penney

Interior Stylist/Home Decor Enthusiast


Instagram: @boneill_athome

Best Life Advice

I have learned that not everyone is going to like me, my design, my life choices, but that’s ok. It is important to ask yourself, Are...

Melinda Parris

Sydney, Australia 


Instagram: @my_coastalboho

Style Hacks

When it comes to styling your home, invest your money in good quality, expensive statement pieces; anything that is made from real wood can create a big impact...

Michaela Hobson

Designer, Happy Mouse Studio

Sheffield, United Kingdom 


Instagram: @happymousestudio |

Taking Care of Your Spirit

I think in order to take care of your spirit, you need to consciously do things th...

Christin Haussmann



Instagram: @earthlyurbaninteriors |

The 411

I live in Sweden with my husband, Lars, and two kids, Emma and Carl. I am an interior designer who sells beautiful homeware and art by day, and ho...

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Sage Biscuits with Maple Butter

Clean, Bright, Functional Design

Dandelion Pesto Linguine with Edible Flowers

Color, Creativity & The Myth of Entrepreneur Balance

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