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Designer Josie Simpson 


Instagram: @umtalahouse | @altusdesignstudio | altusdesignstudio.com.au

Leura, New South Wales, Australia

The Artfully Luxurious Blue Mountains Getaway 

A passion for design and an eye for potential led Josie...

Kaila Jackson

Northeast Ohio 

Instagram: @bluegreenpatina

Photos: Kaila Jackson

Photo of Kaila: Naida Gazdick, Milkshop Photography

Best Advice

Action is everything. You have to do something to change anything. It is too easy to become...

Lizzy Higham

Interior Stylist + Pattern Clasher

Queensland, Australia


Instagram: @lizzyhigham_interiorstyling

Instrumental Advice I’ve Received

Communication is the key to all relationships, and to not go to bed cranky.

Shopping Tip


Hailey Coelho 

Paper Crafter, Vintage Collector and Etsy Seller


Instagram: @paperprettyink

Repurposing Vintage Materials

I collect vintage items and paper—basically, anything related to vintage stationery and what would have been fo...

Andi Chow 

La Verne, California

Instagram: @thesimplydistressed

Great Life Advice

My all-time favorite quote is something my dad has said my whole life. Whether it was going to school, playing sports, getting married or having a baby...

Andie Freeman 

World Traveler and Photographer

Athens, Georgia


Instagram: @suburbancrunchygirl

Like Your Work, Love Your Hobby

You know how they always tell you growing up that you should do what you love and you will never have to w...

Melissa Tonkin

Interior Stylist and Photographer


Instagram: @teamtonkin

Home Hack

Only buy king flat sheets so you can use them on any size bed, including children’s beds. It means you can move them around the home and create more va...

Lissi Walker

Leicestershire, England


INSTAGRAM: @oxfordone

Bold Color + Patterns

I love bold colors and patterns and take influence from the Memphis design movement. I especially love monochromatic stripes as a backdrop to bright co...

Designer Wendy Morrison

Rug & Product Home Designer


INSTAGRAM: @wendymorrisondesign | wendymorrisondesign.com

Nurturing Creativity

I am very much nurtured by nature, and this is what surrounds me most in our home—animals, birds and...

Sophia Van Hees

Surface Pattern Designer, Sewing Teacher & Lover of Textiles


Instagram: @bravesnaildesigns | bravesnaildesigns.com

Celebrate Failure

I recently discovered that Finland has a national day of failure (October 13) to en...

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The 1950s Garden Cottage

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