Macadamia Nut Pesto


Sage Biscuits with Maple Butter

Clean, Bright, Functional Design

Dandelion Pesto Linguine with Edible Flowers

Color, Creativity & The Myth of Entrepreneur Balance

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Zornitsa Shahanska 

San Francisco


Instagram: @zorymory |

Mindful Magic 

I read somewhere that slow living is about less mindless hustle and more mindful magic, which to me means being more present in our daily l...

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1. Scan your body.
Slowly pay attention to your body starting with your head working your way down to your toes. Notice any tension you’re holding. Release the tension and then relax...

Soul Explorers Baru and Kathi 


Instagram: @advanture_wives

Meet Baru from the Czech Republic and Kathi from Germany. They met in Spain, fell crazy in love, got married three months later and they’re living their dream in a self-con...

Giedre Barauskiene

Photographer, Author and Stylist 

Vilniaus Rajonas, Lithuania


Instagram: @giedre_barauskiene |

Tea + Gardening: My Daily Self-Care

One small thing I do every evening – I drink a cup of herb te...

Friederike André

Hanover, Germany


Instagram: @fredi_boldt

Taking Care of Your Spirit

Listen to your heart and soul. Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with only to please others. You cannot please everyone.

Great Advice

My boyf...

Author Claire Grieve

Most of my clients lead high stress lives, they are extremely driven and are constantly on-the-go. By the time many of them come to me, they are completely exhausted. Once we begin our work together, my clients...

Carolina Castillo

Montreal, Canada

Lorraine, Quebec 


Instagram: @carolina.arts |

• Beauty To Me

Beauty is authenticity. It’s a sparkling joy coming from within.

• Advice for Entrepreneurs

Discipline and organiz...

Alexandra Rozhkova


Paris, France


Instagram: @alexandrine_ar

 • Beauty Rituals

As Goethe once said “A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, a see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly...

Kathy Pardell

Photographer + Writer


Instagram: @kpardell |

The Joy of Slow Living

Slow living is about carving out a time in the day to sit with my cup of tea and think about my life and how I am using it to challenge m...

Zornitsa Shahanska

Photographer, Visual Designer, Content Creator, and Introvert

San Francisco

Instagram: @zorymory |

If you could say something to every woman?

What we allow is what will continue. We need to stan...

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